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ITKAM4EUROPE: Safe4All project presented in Leipzig

    On 8 February 2024, Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM) organised a public event which took place at IHK in Leipzig, within the framework of the Safe4All project. “#ITKAM4EUROPE: Safe4All informative event” focused on the crucial topic of workplace safety, especially for persons with disabilities, and provided a space to discuss the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the workforce, as well as innovative approaches for up-skilling and re-skilling for social services professionals and trainers.

    The EU-funded project Safe4All promotes an integrated approach to make sure that persons with disabilities are not left behind in the labour market. In line with this aim, ITKAM’s member FERALPI STAHL presented their best practice, which stems from the idea that a welcoming and inclusive work culture is the key to success.

    During the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the project’s activities and tangible results. In particular, the presentations covered:

    ·   The introduction of a Toolkit for Training Trainers for Safety and Health in the workplace of persons with disabilities, which will represent a valuable resource for up-skilling trainers across Europe.

    ·   The creation of an accessible Handbook for Inclusive Vocational Training on Safety & Health in the workplace, specifically targeted to empower workers with disabilities and enhance their security at work.

    ·   A series of Recommendations for policymakers, including indicators and tips on improving workplace safety and health for persons with disabilities through training regulations.

    The event was a great success overall, thanks to all the attendees for their active engagement and questions in response to the presentations.