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On Scene: Irecoop Veneto Presents Safe4All

    On 7 February 2024, Irecoop Veneto organised a Regional conference on inclusive Safety & Health training for workers with disabilities at the Piccolo Teatro di Padova. The event was supported by the Regional Federation of Cooperative Enterprises and involved more than 50 participants from social services, and the sector of training and consultancy on safety and health at work. All participants received a leaflet with information about Safe4All and a QR code to the project’s webpage, where they could find the materials translated in Italian. 

    The event provided a space to present the project and its final outputs, as well as the testimonies of the professionals and workers with disabilities of Conca d’Oro – an agricultural social cooperative that participated in the pilot activities of the training for workers. 

    The conference involved experts that are collaborating with Irecoop Veneto in local initiatives, as well as academics like Professor Vladi Finotto from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, director of the Master’s programme for trainers on safety and health at work. Their presentations emphasised the value of the work done by Safe4All and the need to disseminate the project’s results. Moreover, the speakers highlighted the need to involve educators and cooperative coordinators in the training activities, as they are the ones that employ and work with persons with disabilities on a daily basis. The aim is to develop transversal skills and also improve the general level of knowledge of safety issues in work and life. 

    The creative groups of the Nova Idea cooperative took the stage with dance and musical performances linked to the topic of safety at work; this added colourful, joyful moments amidst the more technical discussions. These performances were created by people with disabilities, to show that inclusion can only be real with the direct involvement of the persons themselves. 

    In the conclusion of the event, Benedetta Galeazzi – a representative of EASPD – joined the conference virtually and shared the development of the policy recommendations, the process and the final outcome. Launching a final call to action, she invited the participants to sign the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ to show support and affinity with the aims and outputs of the project. This invitation was well received by the crowd as 15 organisations signed the document and expressed their commitment to further advocate for more inclusive health and safety training and regulations.