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Safe4All Project Spotlighted at IA Congress for Disability Health Improvement

    On the morning of December 13th, Madrid’s Impact HUB at Prosperidad hosted the I Congress of AI Applied to Disability Health Improvement, organized by IMPULSA IGUALDAD. The event served as a platform for unveiling the Safe4All project, co-funded by the European Commission.

    Francesca Dadomo, from European Project’s office in IMPULSA IGUALDAD, took the stage to present Safe4All and its results. The project, aimed at enhancing the participation of people with disabilities (PWDs) in the workforce, aligns with IMPULSA IGUALDAD’s mission of fostering inclusivity and non-discrimination.

    The Congress emphasized the pivotal role of technological advancements, innovation, and research in improving the health and quality of life for individuals with disabilities, particularly in the context of occupational risk prevention.

    Safe4All’s objectives were briefly outlined, including enhancing educators’ skills, raising SME awareness on PWDs’ safety at work, and promoting PWDs’ knowledge for safe working conditions.

    Francesca Dadomo’s presentation highlighted the tangible results of Safe4All, notably the creation of an accessible Handbook for Inclusive Vocational Training on Safety & Health. This handbook aims to empower workers, including PWDs, to enhance their security and health at work. The Congress also featured the introduction of a Toolkit for Training Trainers for Safety & Health in the workplace of PWDs, a valuable resource for upskilling trainers across partner countries.

    In addition, Recommendations for policymakers were also presented. This document compiles a series of indications or tips on improving Safety & Health in the workplace of PWDs through training regulations. These recommendations, adopting the Design Thinking Methodology, seek to create a more inclusive legal framework for the safety of people with disabilities at work.

    In conclusion, the I Congress of AI Applied to Disability Health Improvement provided a platform for showcasing Safe4All’s impactful work. The event underscored the significance of integrating technology and innovation to create safer working environments and promote inclusivity for individuals with disabilities in the workforce.