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Where are we? — KoM, project status and an upcoming meeting

    The kick-off meeting of the Safe4all project was held in May. All the participating members had the opportunity to meet in person in the fantastic city of Valencia, on the Levantine coast of Spain. For a couple of days we were able to discuss the objectives, the strategies and, of course, the first steps of our project.

    During the past months, we’ve been working hard and, currently, we are developing the Result 1: “Handbook for the Inclusive Vocational Training on Safety & Health in the workplace for workers with disabilities”. In specific, all partners are implementing the investigation phase.

    The  project foresees implementation of one learning activity — a staff training,  that will take place from August 31st to September 2nd in Belgium, where UBUNTU will host  the staff training on Inclusive VET training. We will provide staff with useful knowledge on the concept and methodologies regarding inclusive training for learners.

    Stay tuned!