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Disability Pride Month & Labour inclusion

    During July we celebrate the Disability Pride Month. The right to work and employment is a fundamental right enshrined in Article 27 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD). Regarding labour rights, there’s a lot left to do to achieve equality and justice for PWDs. Here we have some data:

    • At European Union (EU) level, only 50,6% of PWDs are employed, compared to 74,8% of people without disabilities.
    • The unemployment rate of PWDs in the EU, aged between 20 and 64 y-o, is 17,1% compared to 10,2% of persons without disabilities.
    • The EU activity rate of PWDs (percentage of active persons in relation to the comparable total population) is only 61,0% compared to 82,3% of non-disabled people.
    • Women with disabilities, young disabled persons and persons with high support needs are more likely to be discriminated against and excluded from the labour market.

    The project Safe4All is aimedat contributing to create a suitable and safe environment for labour inclusion of people with disabilities. A more inclusive future of work is possible for all!